Why cyclist go to mojo bicycle café for a rest and coffee

Have you ever thought of combining mountain-biking with bow-hunting? Or, are you already into biking as you go hunting?

Imagine biking down trails to your hunting destination or spot in no time. You won’t just enjoy riding your bike, but also the hunting adventures waiting for you.

You’ll never know what’s awaiting you in the woods until you get there. You may be lucky enough to get your hands on organically-grown game meat for free-range protein.

Mountain bike riding is increasingly becoming popular among bow-hunters. They prefer biking to their hunting spots.


Unlike driving a motorized vehicle or walking, bike riding allows hunters to access places vehicles can’t penetrate. Biking gives you access to your hunting grounds without being noisy.

Additionally, bikes offer easy to transport, quiet rides, allow you to work out, and can access places ATVs aren’t permitted to go. Needless to mention that biking to your hunting spot is also environment-friendly.

As a hunter, you won’t spook game with your scent on the hunting floor as you do when you walk to your hunting grounds. You’ll eventually cover more ground even if you’re scouting in summer.

Due to the benefits of going hunting on your bike, more manufacturers are developing mountain bikes, particularly for hunters. The bikes are camouflaged for use in the woods without drawing the attention of game animals. They also come with hunting accessories such as deer carts and bow racks.

You’ll enjoy biking to your hunting grounds as your bow sits securely on a built-in bow rack until there’s a need to use it. However, you can also purchase a bow rack for your mountain bike separately.


A time comes when you’re not hunting and thus your hunting bike requires storage. The right storage ensures your bike stays in good condition until you’ll need to use it again.

All you need to enjoy your hunting adventures in style are a sturdy bike and your hunting gear. If you need to replace your hunting bows or arrows, there’s a wide selection at Bowscanner. You’ll find anything from super fast to medium-speed bows designed for varied needs and applications.

If you’re new to biking and wondering how to store your bike when not in use, here’re a few tips to get you started:

5 Fun Storage Solutions for Your Hunting Mountain Bike

A Closet

With a closet for bike storage, you’re able to keep your ride out of sight. You can build a closet specifically for bike storage.
You can also keep your clothes in a dresser or hanging wardrobe and leave the closet for bike storage. If your closet is large enough to accommodate both your clothes and bike, make sure you designate different sections for each.

This ensures that the tires and chains of your bike don’t grease your clothes. Washing your bike before storage ensures that your clothes don’t get dirty.

Also, consider using a coat closet or your laundry room for bike storage if you lack closets in your home or apartment. A bike pulley system installed on the wall or ceiling is ideal for small spaces because it frees up space on the floor.

Behind a large furniture

Do you have large furniture in your living room? You can store your bike behind the large furniture or a television placed on a TV stand.

When done well, keeping your bike against a wall behind the couch can enhance your interior décor appeal. This is also a great way to use up the space left behind your couch or TV stand.

In Your Balcony or Porch

Your porch or balcony can also offer great storage for your hunting bike. However, you’ll need a bike cover and lock to protect it from harsh weather and secure it, respectively.

If you live on higher floors and your balcony isn’t close to your neighbor’s, you can be sure that your bike will be safe from theft. A bike tent can also store your bike from poor weather and theft.

Clips, a Stand, or DIY Storage

A stand is perfect for storing multiple bikes indoors or outdoors. However, you have to drill holes on the wall for installing the stand. If you live in a rental property, your landlord may not appreciate holes being drilled on the wall.

In that case, look for a self-supporting bike stand that doesn’t require drilling for installation purposes. What’s more, you can find a stand with a capacity suitable for the number of bikes you own.

Vertical bike clips offer an alternative storage solution to stands. They’re minimalist to take up less space and stylish to enhance the look of your interior space. The clips also leave free space on the floor because storage involves elevating the bike.

Working on a tight budget? Consider making DIY bike stands for storing your hunting bikes.

At the Mojo Bicycle Café

Consider getting bike storage at the bike café if you’re going for an outdoor event or prefer reaching your hunting ground without your hunting bike. For instance, the trails may be inaccessible with bikes after experiencing lots of rain.

Apart from getting safe storage for your bike, you can also order your favorite drink such as tea or coffee before leaving for your outdoor adventure.

With proper storage of your mountain bike, it remains functional and lasts longer. Proper storage also ensures that your bike is easily accessible when you need it.




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