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Have you ever been out on a long bike ride and needed to take a break? You may have stopped at the nearest gas station or maybe just kept going. But what if there was an even better option for cyclists in town? Mojo Bicycle Café offers cyclists a refreshing stop before they continue their journey. They offer coffee sourced locally and roasted by hand, as well as cyclist-friendly food options like hummus and crackers or fresh fruit salad. The café also has free wifi so you can stay connected while refueling with delicious organic coffee!

Mojo Bicycle Café – A place for cyclists to refuel on coffee after their long rides.

Mojo Bicycle Café is a unique and welcoming place for cyclists to stop by for a cup of coffee before continuing their journey. The café is also known for its friendly atmosphere and commitment to supporting local businesses–they are proud to serve locally sourced organic coffee.

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Mojo Bicycle Cafe is an inviting cafe with delicious, fresh food and free WIFI that offers riders the chance to take a short break from biking at any time in town. It has the best super-automatic espresso machine, which you can also have; if you need help choosing the best, you can visit. As always, Mojo Bike Shop has you covered when it comes to all your cycling needs—gear up here today!

The café offers coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches, and salads.

The Bicycle Café has various delicious food and beverages for cyclists who need energy or are looking to take a break from exercise. But what about the people too lazy, busy, hungry-or just plain ol’ tired-to bike anywhere? If that sounds like you, then come on in! You’ll find all sorts of goodies inside at this café, including sweet treats with caffeine that will help keep your spirits high until you’re back up to speed again. Whether you are grabbing a quick bite, picking up some coffee beans for your home brewing system, or need to walk in and feel the energy of this place: Mojo is here for all cyclists!

The bicycle café has everything from delicious food items like hummus and crackers, fresh fruit salad, sandwiches on homemade bread with house-made condiments, to delicious coffee.

At the Bicycle Cafe, they offer drinks needed by bikers while exercising and other savory foods, so if someone wants something quick before continuing their workout, stop in and grab some yummy snacks here. There are also bike rentals available, with an option of renting a bike for the day or week and getting a complimentary tune-up at the time of rental.

Our cafe is the type of place you can enjoy your drink on their outdoor patio with friends, but only if it’s nice outside.

They also have a great indoor space with plenty of seating. The bike shop has all the cycling gear you need to make your next ride enjoyable and safe, from helmets for every cyclist, locks that are guaranteed not to be cut when someone tries getting in without permission, to lots of other goodies; as well!

It is an excellent place to meet other cyclists and have a chat with them.

The Cycling Café offers cyclists the best possible stop before they continue their journey. Meeting other cyclists and chatting is just one of many benefits. Other benefits are delicious organic coffee, yummy snacks, and drinks.

If you’re a cyclist, this is the place for you. Mojo Bicycle Café offers cyclists a chance to meet up with fellow riders and have some coffee while they take their break from riding. You can also get your bike fixed or tuned up here if it needs any work done! Stop by today for a cup of joe – we’ll be waiting for you (and your bike)!



Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 6PM
Sat-Sun: 8 AM – 3 PM


1458 Hanifan Lane
Atlanta, GA 30303